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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Reisnour practices diversified style chiropractic techniques, incorporating rehabilitative exercises into your treatment. Diversified is the most commonly practiced technique of chiropractic. At StartingBlock Chiropractic we use a elevating drop-style table, instrument-assisted adjustments, and traditional hands-on techniques. More tools in the toolbox means more options for patients.

Soft Tissue Treatment

We use a combination of soft tissue treatments to help improve your results. Cupping, is the application of suction to increase blood circulation in the area of treatment. Instrument-assisted tools can help decrease sensitized tissue, help improve elasticity of scar tissue, increase circulation to improve healing, or decrease swelling from an injury depending on how the instrument is applied. The use of a instrument does not equal pain- it can make treatments more effective, as well as save the doctor's hands from undue stress.

Movement-Based Treatment

Dr. Reisnour uses FAKTR, which marries together functional movement, instrument-assisted treatments, and rehabilitative techniques. Instead of only treating tissue in a static position, you will receive treatment during the movements that are problematic, as well as correcting improper functional movement patterns. She also utilizes DynamicTape off-loading techniques, which works well for acute injuries.
Dr. Reisnour is also a FMT-certified provider through RockTape for blades and taping techniques.

More Services

Pre-participation sport physicals are an examination to determine whether an athlete is safe to compete or needs to have their activities limited to a certain type of sport (contact or non-contact). Physicals are usually performed yearly or every other year before the start of the athlete's sport. Check with your school district on how often they require a physical.

Pre-participation Sport Physicals

Educational Classes

Educational classes can be tailored for the business, by request, with appropriate notice. Classes are on the education of the body: common conditions, ergonomics, and self-care. Please contact us to request a class or more information.

Our Patients

Don't worry, we treat more than just athletes! Dr. Reisnour has experience treating patients aged from infants to geriatric. It's our philosophy to give patients the tools and confidence to understand their injury, heal through active care at our clinic, and graduate to self-care as needed out of office.

Clients can be hesitant to start chiropractic care stating, "Once I start care, then I'll always need to go." Many patients notice that they feel better after receiving care. Our brains learn to ignore a repetitive chronic discomfort. When you receive chiropractic care, one of the goals of treatment is to remove or lessen that stimulus, depending on the severity of injury. When a new injury occurs, patients are much more aware than when they had a chronic injury. When injuries occur, pain is the last symptom to appear and the first to go away when you heal.

Many patients notice they feel better when they receive regular care. Active care is when you are treating a specific injury and requires several treatments; wellness care is usually a stand-alone visit to check the body's joints are moving without restriction and can help prevent injuries from occurring.

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