Patient Paperwork

All patient paperwork necessary for appointments can be found and filled on the the online scheduling link. If you are not comfortable with digital paperwork, please feel free to print off a copy, or arrive early to your appointment to fill out your paperwork.

Please view our HIPAA policy hereHIPAA policy español

Examples of Conditions We Commonly Treat

  1. Low Back Pain
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Golfer's or Tennis Elbow
  • Back Pain associated with Pregnancy
  • Repetitive Stress Injury (carpal tunnel/tendinitis)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sport Injury
  • Injury resulting from Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Sprain/Strain Injury
  • Injuries associated with Concussion
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Wrist and Shoulder pain


What is the popping sound during the adjustment?

The pop sound during an adjustment occurs from the changes of pressure in a joint when a new motion is introduced. The change in pressure disperses the gases in the joint-in about 20 minutes the gases gather back together. This dispersion of gases in the joint that causes the sound does not cause arthritis. The goal of an adjustment is to create motion in a joint that is not moving or not moving correctly.

I feel sore after my appointment, is that normal?

Yes, feeling sore after an adjustment is normal especially if you've never visited a chiropractor before. Our bodies get used to aberrant movement and when we reintroduce proper joint movement our muscles can feel sore. Treatment at the clinic often involves exercises and muscle treatment, which can increase soreness, but is expected. The soreness that you can expect, feels like what you would experience when just starting to workout at the gym or when you change your routine in your exercise program.

I'm pregnant, can I still be treated?

Yes, being treated while pregnant is safe. During pregnancy, the ligaments in a woman's body become relaxed and highly mobile. At our clinic we have a table that can create space and support for a pregnant woman to lay face down on the table- ladies I've treated love the opportunity to lay in a position other than their side, especially as they're closer to full term. All adjustments are tailored to meet the patient's needs. Dr. Reisnour spent two of her internships working specifically with children and pregnant moms. Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

If I see a chiropractor once, do I have to see a chiropractor for life?

Our goal at StartingBlock Chiropractic is to get you well and on your way so you can do the things you love. Helping you get to your goal is our passion. Patients notice the difference after receiving chiropractic care and when they have a new injury they often seek out their chiropractor who has helped them in the past. Most patients after finishing their treatment choose to return for maintenance care. Your care is always your choice.

Do I really need to do the exercises/stretches?

No, you don't have to do them- but we highly recommend you do! Doing the exercises will speed your progress and help you complete treatment for your concern faster. The exercises improve your body mechanics and help you become stronger. We wouldn't give you exercises unless we knew it would benefit you.

Do you accept insurance?

We are not currently in-network with insurance companies. Insurance companies dictate how providers can treat you and what services they can provide you. Many insurance companies will not reimburse providers for the services they provide that help patients get better- thereby dictating your treatment without the training that your healthcare providers receive to be experts in their field. Not accepting insurance cuts down on time and wages spent negotiating for coverage and reimbursement and more time focused caring for the patient and providing quality care. FSA and HSA cards are accepted at our clinic. We can also provide an itemized statement of your visit, called a "superbill", you can submit to your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits for reimbursement.