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Tennis player pulling on arm band holding a racket on the tennis court

Our Patients

Do you move well?

Pain is usually the trigger that brings people into the office. We find the cause of your pain and treat the source by assessing basic movement patterns, history, and a local exam.

Specific areas of the body are meant to be very mobile, while other areas are meant to be stable. When there is a disturbance in these mobile areas, stability is compromised and often results in pain or injury.

Our main focus is treating people who want to move well at all stages of life.

Conditions We Treat

Wondering if we treat more than neck and back pain?

Most people only seek out chiropractic care for back pain because that is what chiropractors are well known for.

Examples of what we commonly treat is neck and back pain, sprains and strains, overuse syndromes (i.e. tennis or golf elbow, carpal tunnel, jumper's knee, achilles tendinitis, etc), headaches, jaw pain, numbness, tingling, or 'zingers'. If your complaint is related to movement, muscles, or joints a chiropractic visit is most likely a great fit for you.

Visit our resources page to learn more about conditions we treat.

Woman holding her neck in pain
Tennis player pulling on arm band holding a racket on the tennis court

What Treatment Is Like

Care in the office is evidence-based using patient-centered approaches. Evidence-based means we use techniques that have been used in clinical studies and been shown to be effective. Patient-centered approaches means your care is tailored to you. At your first appointment we'll discover where your pain is coming from and develop a plan to help you return to the activities you want.

Care will involve chiropractic treatment, soft-tissue treatment, and movement therapy. For more details, visit our services page.

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