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Is pain preventing you from participating in the activities you love?

Pain is the most common reason people come into the office. Using non-invasive, conservative techniques we find the cause of your pain and treat the source by assessing basic movement patterns, performing a history, and a local exam.

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Conditions We Treat

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Wondering if we treat more than neck and back pain?

Most people seek out a chiropractor for back pain because that's what chiropractors are most well known for.

Chiropractors treat joints beyond the spine including the extremities: hands, wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. We also treat the related tissues such as fascia, muscles, tendons, and peripheral nerves.

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Patient Experience

Care in the office is evidence-based using patient-centered approaches. Evidence-based means we use techniques that have been used in clinical studies and been shown to be effective. Patient-centered approaches means your care is tailored to you. Every patient's treatment plan is specifically designed for them. At your first appointment we'll define where your pain is coming from and develop a plan to decrease or eliminate your pain to help you return to the activities you want.

Care will involve chiropractic treatment, soft-tissue treatment, and movement therapy. For more details, visit our Services page.

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